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  We Offer:

FREE alterations
FREE material lists
  Detailed Plans
Houses, Garages, Additions
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements
Decks, Sheds, Porticos and more
since 1985
    Our Goal:

To satisfy our customers
and give them professional service
in a timely manner
we are NOT a "fly-by-night" company

  Professional Kitchen Designs:

Why not have the people
that build and install cabinets
Design your kitchen or bathroom?

Free Design with your cabinets order.



  • Bathroom
    (upto 100 sq. ft.)

  • Bathroom
    (more than 100 sq. ft.)

  • Kitchen
    (upto 200 sq. ft.)

  • Kitchen
    (more than 200 sq. ft.)

  • Addition
    (upto 300 sq.ft.)

  • Addition
    (more than 300 sq.ft.)

  • Deck
    (upto 200 sq. ft.)

  • Deck
    (more than 200 sq. ft.)


    Let our 30 years of experience save you time and money

    Before you begin any project you must always have the details worked out first
    in order to get a quality job done.
    we are here to make that happen for you
    we pay close attention to the details from start to finish.
    We Design, Build and Install
    we know exactly what it takes to bring a project to life.
    I guarantee that you will save time, money and future mishaps by contacting us for your project plan.

    $1 a sq. ft. or less

    All plans are for
    Residential - Non Commercial use ONLY.

    Plans pass town hall approval for permit in most states

    Plans Needed for:

    I need the plan for my Project completed in:

    Your name

    Location of Project

    City or Town

    Phone #

    Fax #


    Comments or Questions

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      Plans include:

  • Overhead Plan
  • 3D Elevations
  • Details
  • Material List
  • Scaled Drawings
  • Re-work is FREE


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